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Bahasa Inggris Recount text beserta soal pilihan ganda

Teletubbies Hills

       My name is Ahmad. One day, my cousin Dewi and I went to the Teletubbies hills which leads to Mount Bromo. We left at 5 am after Subuh prayers. We went by own motorcycle. Arriving at the guard post, we handed over the tickets which online booked a few days ago.

        After checking the tickets, we continued our journey to the sea of ​​sand and the Teletubbies hill. Previously we passed a village called Ngadas village. Villagers are very welcome by the tourists who passed through their village to Bromo mountain. Along the way, we enjoyed the trip by occasionally observing the natural beauty presented. Highland vegetable crops such as leeks, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, lettuce and various kinds of flowers. 

        At the triangle ways between to the left towards Bromo mountain and straight towards Semeru mountain. We chosen the way to Bromo mountain. Passing through the sea of ​​sand accompanied by hills which they called the Teletubbies hills. We deliberately didn't get to the top of Bromo, we just spent time in the hills. Looking for a spacious and comfortable place while enjoying the packaged rice lunch that Mother brought from home. We also unforgotten to bring the trash back. We would throw  it in the trash bin.  After a short break, we took pictures. Because the hot sun had started to sting us, immediately returned to our respective homes. I really enjoyed my trip today.

       What is the writer’s purpose in writing the text?

A.       To tell how Ahmad show his love to the his bike

B.        To inform about his enjoying trip

C.        To share his horrible experience

D.       To describe his kind cousin

How did the Ngadas villagers?

A.       They are cruel.                     

B.        They are so stingy.

C.        They are friendly.                             

D.       They are so froze.


       What can you learn from the story?

A.       Keep clean everywhere

B.        Don’t take your cousin into your problem

C.        Sometimes, we need to throw trash anywhere

D.       Don’t save our nature                        

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